Here’s Why Rain Won’t Ruin Your Wedding Photos



Archways and porches are our friend!

I don’t mind being in the rain with my camera gear. I will come prepared, ready to do whatever it takes to make sure you get some fabulous wedding photos despite the weather!

That said, if your venue has any archways, porches, overhangs, etc — this will be perfect. This is something I pay attention to when scouting out your venue, whether that’s before the wedding day or arriving early to scope out good photo spots. Unless it’s a torrential downpour that makes it truly impossible (very rare), I will gladly stand in the rain while you stay dry under some cover, and we will create some beautiful images!






Overcast skies create flattering light.

When the rain inevitably lets up (it almost always does!), the sky might be really overcast and cloudy. It may not be the perfect sunny day you wished for, but don’t worry! Cloudy skies actually create lovely, even lighting which is very flattering for photos — honestly sometimes it’s easier to work with with bright sunlight.

So don’t fret if you have clouds on your wedding day. Your photos are still going look absolutely beautiful, with great lighting that is very flattering!





Indoor photos are wonderful, too!

If you have some rain on your wedding day, we can take advantage of the indoor parts of your venue. You’d be surprised at the results we can get indoors, with a simple wall and some natural window light.

If you’re getting married in a church, we’ll take advantage of the beautiful stained glass windows and pews.

If it’s way too dark for natural light photos to look good indoors, and outdoors is just not an option, I always have my lighting kit as a backup plan. We will still get great images, capturing your love. But I very rarely have needed to use studio lights at weddings in all these years!




If you’re willing, we can still shoot in light rain!

In my 10 years of experience shooting weddings, when it has rained, it’s never been a constant downpour every second of the day. There will almost always be lulls in the rain where we can quickly step outside and get some photos without getting drenched.

But also, if it’s just a sprinkling rain and if you’re willing to brave it, we can go out and get some beautiful shots. And I always have a pretty, clear umbrella handy in case we need to use it, too — to keep you as dry as we can while still being outside!




If all else fails, we can take more portraits on another day.

In my 10 years of photographing weddings, I have only had one wedding where I did this. That should encourage you! We still got some amazing shots on the couple’s wedding day, but just not as many couple portraits as we were hoping to get.

So we scheduled a time a few months later on a beautiful sunny day, and got some amazing portraits that we all really loved. It was a special time to capture their newlywed love in their wedding attire, with no wedding day stress, and amazing weather!

Taking portraits on another day will likely not be necessary for you, but if you’re really stressing about the weather on your wedding day, I hope this brings you peace of mind. This can always be a backup option!





In the end, the only thing that truly matters on your wedding day is that you are able to get married and spend time celebrating with your loved ones.

You can relax and leave the photos up to me — I assure you, weather will not stop me from capturing your love in a beautiful and natural way!






Here’s Why Rain Won’t Ruin Your Wedding Photos

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