6 Tips for a Fun Engagement Shoot

An engagement shoot has so many benefits: from boosting your confidence about being photographed, to giving you a reason to get glammed up, to providing you with some beautiful photographs that capture this season of your life. You can get a lot out of an engagement photo session!



But I understand why the thought of an engagement shoot can be a bit daunting for some people. Maybe you don’t feel comfortable posing, or there’s some anxiety around the process. 

Whatever the reason, I’m happy to tell you that an engagement shoot can be so much fun. It’s not a big, intense production at all. And I keep engagement shoots low-pressure and laid-back. Many of my clients leave saying things like, “Wow! That was way more fun than I thought!” 

Here are my 6 best tips for getting the most out of your engagement shoot while still having a great time!



1. Don’t take yourself or the photo shoot too seriously.

Clients are sometimes self-conscious about their bodies and how they will appear in photos, or that they won’t be photogenic (i.e., I don’t like my arms, my double chin, etc.) We all have things that we don’t love about ourselves, and I totally get that. I have those things too!

We all sometimes wish we could wave a magic wand and change a few things about our appearance. Sadly, I don’t have that magic wand. So whether it’s wrinkles or an extra 10 pounds, or how white your teeth are, this is your body right now, and you look amazing! And your partner loves you and how you look.

I will put you in flattering poses, great lighting, and focus on capturing the sweet moments between you as a couple. And I bet that when you see your photos, you will be surprised at how photogenic you are!



2. Wear outfits you love!

Take this opportunity to buy an amazing outfit or wear something you already own that you really love. I don’t have specific colors or styles of clothing I recommend – all I tell clients is that you should wear clothing that feels really like YOU.

I’ve had clients wear suits and full-length gowns, while other clients wear jeans and a favorite t-shirt. What matters is that you are able to feel comfortable and like yourself. While you’re at it, get your hair, makeup, or nails done. Pamper yourself a little!

And if you’re worried about what to wear and if it will photograph well, I’m always happy to help. Feel free to send me photos of different outfits, and I’ll offer my opinion and suggestions on what will photograph best!



3. Start the session with a drink.

A little liquid courage can go a long way in helping you feel at ease and relaxed. So let’s grab a cocktail to start off the photo shoot – or a coffee! This gives us some extra time together to hang out and get to know each other better before jumping right into the session.

I think it can feel a little jarring to just show up at a location and start photographing right away. Especially if we haven’t met yet. And even if we have, it’s a nice way to warm up, take the pressure off, and enjoy the process.

When we’re scheduling your engagement session, I’ll recommend some drink spots close to where we’ll be photographing so that our time together flows nicely and we don’t have to drive too far or feel rushed.



4. Choose a location that means something to you.

Together let’s choose a meaningful and/or beautiful location (or two) for your photos. Think about what matters to you as a couple – do you spend a lot of time outdoors? At the beach? With your dog? At a favorite bar or cafe? Playing board games? Riding your bicycles? The list goes on!

We can find something that is special and fun and will be meaningful to you. I’ve photographed engagement sessions at farms, coffee shops, wineries, a beer garden, a Christmas tree lot, quaint neighborhood streets, and even a carnival.

The time of day can vary too. Most couples choose the afternoon/evening (especially in the summer when it’s light out for hours), but I’ve also done early morning sunrise sessions. There are so many options and endless ways to make it personal to you.

There’s nothing wrong with just choosing a pretty park or open field (I love those too), but it can be really special and unique to choose a location that means something to you or is a place you love going to together.



5. Trust your photographer to do a fantastic job.

Don’t be too hard on yourself or try to “pose” too much during the session. You don’t need to go on Pinterest and start researching poses; you’ll just get overwhelmed and confused at everything out there. This is why you’re hiring a professional photographer!

Trust that I will get amazing photos of you while you enjoy our time together. I will guide you throughout the shoot, offering gentle direction to help you look your best and naturally show your love for each other. I will not put you in cheesy, awkward, or emotional/vulnerable poses. I will focus on just helping you feel at ease, feel like yourselves, get you laughing, and enjoying the process together.

But of course, feel free to express any concerns you have about how you prefer to be photographed, if you have a “good side,” etc. I want to make it a great experience for you and keep those things in mind as I photograph you!



6. Focus on your love for each other!

An engagement session is a great way to practice being in front of the camera and to get to know your photographer. But it’s also such a good way to step out of your routine as a couple, get dressed up, and enjoy spending time together. And focus on how much you love each other and why you’re getting married!

You get to show as much PDA as you want (or not) and just enjoy hanging out. We’ll get a ton of great photos of this season of your lives, and I hope you’ll leave our time together feeling even more in love with each other!



Have fun!

An engagement session should be a fun, relaxed experience. And it can be a much-needed break from the wedding planning talk and day-to-day stresses. Think of it as a time to enjoy being a couple in love, being engaged, and looking forward to being married.

Ready to have some fun at your engagement session? I am! 





6 Tips for a Fun Engagement Shoot

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