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You can have a beautiful, memorable wedding without a photographer – people do it all the time. 

But you’re here because it’s really important to you to have photos of all the meaningful moments on your day so you can remember it all, forever.

The nervous jitters as you get ready for the day. The inevitable tears when your parents see you for the first time. That priceless, OMG-we’re-actually-married smile as you walk back up the aisle after making it official. Your grandma bustin’ a move on the dance floor.

Your wedding 

should be                       

about the people,

not the pictures.

That’s why I like to focus on getting the images of your friends and family celebrating with you.

I’ll still capture plenty of beautiful, timeless, portraits – but I don’t want your day to feel like an elaborate photo shoot.

I’ll help you focus on the actual moments as they happen, instead of smiling at the camera every minute of your day.

Yes, Please!

a custom experience

from the beginning

Every couple is different, and every wedding is different. Photography packages can’t be one-size-fits-all.

Everything I offer is customized to YOU and what you want and need. 

We’ll start the process with a consultation call where we’ll talk about your wedding plans and what you really care about, and how photography plays a part in that! 

Then after our call, I’ll send you a custom pricing proposal with packages based on what you need!




let’s chat 

We’ll start the process with a consultation call where we’ll talk about your wedding plans and what’s most important to you when it comes to your wedding photos.



We’ll connect before your wedding several times, whether that’s with an engagement shoot, grabbing coffee, or simply having a few calls throughout the planning process. On the wedding day, you'll feel like I'm more of a friend rather than a vendor, which results in the most natural photos!


relax & enjoy

After all the planning and hard work, your wedding finally arrives! You can relax and enjoy your day, savoring each moment, confident that I will capture it all in a meaningful, beautiful way.


relive memories

We’ll work together to design your wedding album to tell the full story of your wedding, including all of your favorite images, and put together with luxury materials and custom finishes.

- Kaitlin & Aleq

“We had almost worked with another wedding photographer that didn’t feel quite like 'us,' but when we met with Alyssa, it immediately felt like we were meeting with an old friend.”

- Jackie & Alex

“When we first met Alyssa, both my husband and I were nervous and felt a little awkward. She was a dream to work with! From our engagement pictures to the actual wedding, it was like we were hanging out with a friend and her camera."

- Laura

“I can sometimes get camera shy, but Alyssa totally guided us through the shoot and by the end of it my husband and I felt like we had made a friend! When we received the photos, we were completely blown away — the pictures were amazing; she perfectly captured our relationship.”

- Jascha & Angela

“Our experience with her didn’t feel so much like we hired her, but more so like she was a close friend, which definitely reduced our nerves at the wedding. We recommend Alyssa to anyone who is looking for a professional with an enormous amount of experience, and someone you’d feel comfortable with. You definitely won’t regret it!”

- Meredith & John

“My husband and I felt a bit awkward going into our engagement photo shoot, but she gave us lots of direction and made us feel great. The wedding was even better! She was totally behind the scenes, did a great job managing her team, and most importantly got beautiful photos of every aspect of the day and night.”


The truth is, you can’t pass down your Instagram feed to your kids. 

This is why in addition to your online gallery with all your photos in digital form, I include a custom heirloom wedding album in every package I offer.

It’s important to me that you’re able to enjoy your favorite wedding photos in a tangible way – not only on a screen.

Your wedding memories will always be right there in one place for you to physically flip through, touch, and share.


But your wedding album will stand the test of time.

But an heirloom wedding album will stand the test of time.

Frequently asked Q's

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So many factors go into this – this is something we’ll start talking about on our first call, and time can always be added later, too. I want your day to feel relaxed and unhurried, so I always err on the side of more time than less. Most of my clients book packages with 9-10 hours of coverage for typical weddings, but I do offer packages with less time for smaller weddings or elopements.

Yes! I’ll send you a few photos within 48 hours of your wedding, and a larger preview gallery with more highlights from the day within two weeks.

My contracted delivery time is 12 weeks after your wedding date, but I always aim for 8-10 weeks as my goal. I take my time editing your photos making sure they’re the best they can be! And I also shoot a good amount of film photos, which take several weeks to get developed.

This varies depending on every wedding, but typically anywhere from 50-100 photos per hour of coverage. I tend to overshoot though, wanting to make sure to get everything – so you’ll usually get the higher end of that! (For example, for a typical 9-10 hour wedding day, galleries typically include around 1000 final photos).

All of my packages are customized to you and what you want – so if you want engagement photos, then yes they are included in your packages!

If your wedding has more than 50 guests, I recommend you have a second photographer, and this is something I will include in your packages. I will hire a fellow experienced, professional, talented wedding photographer to shoot your day alongside me. It just helps make the most of the day (we can be in two places at once and make the most of our time that day) and allows us to get more photos of you and your guests! I also bring an assistant along to most weddings – the assistant is not shooting the day, but is there to help with gear, keep us all hydrated/fed, keep us on schedule, gather people for group photos, capture behind-the-scenes footage (which we’ll happily share with you), etc.

No, I don’t – still photos are my thing! But I do know several great videographers to recommend. Check out my Nova Scotia Wedding Vendor Guide to see those! 

Yes! I’m based in Halifax, and serve all of Atlantic Canada. I don’t typically take on destination weddings outside of Canada, but make exceptions for clients that seem like the perfect fit. I include 100km of travel for every shoot/wedding, and after that I charge for travel based on the current CRA Mileage Rate. Accommodations are something we work out together – usually the best option is for me to stay wherever you’re having your guests stay for the weekend.

YES - this is something I suggest anyway! The more we can connect and hang out before your wedding, the more comfortable you’ll be around me – and this results in even better photos in the end! So let’s meet for coffee or cocktails, check out your venue together, do an engagement shoot, or even just have a few video calls before the wedding to chat through the details.

I don’t need a list of every single photo you want – it’s my job to capture your day thoroughly and creatively, so you don’t need to think of these shots beforehand! But I do welcome and encourage you to share with me any specific or out-of-the-norm photos that you’d like of things or people. A few weeks before the wedding, I’ll send you a questionnaire where you’ll fill out family members’ names for the family photos, and there is a place on that form for you to list out anything or anyone else you want to make sure to have photos of.

And Pinterest boards or inspiration photos are always welcome! We won’t copy any photos directly, but it can be really helpful to know what kinds of photos stop you in your tracks and the general vibe you love.

My wedding packages start at 4500.

Since every wedding is unique, I create custom packages for each of my couples based on exactly what you need.

Contact me and we’ll start the process with a consultation call!

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