i’m alyssa. 

Halifax, Nova Scotia wedding photographer

Getting married is such a joyous and amazing time, and your photos should reflect that. 

Over the past 12 years as a wedding photographer, I've learned what couples truly want when they look back at their photographs!

Let's face it.
Wearing that heart on your sleeve and being your real self can be challenging in front of a camera.

sound familiar?

Where should you put your hands?
Where should you look?
How do you deal with those insecurities that keep coming up?

Nobody feels 100% confident in front of a camera.

Which is why my goal is to simply make you laugh. Inspire you. And encourage you to just be you! Natural, amazing you.

Because all of that natural goodness yields some of the most memorable moments of connection and emotion.

And I will be right there to take lasting, timeless photos of it all.

on your wedding day

I’ll bring a sense of peace and calm for you.

I’m not stressed by wedding day hiccups like your dress ripping, getting behind schedule, bad weather, or awkward family dynamics.

I’m here for you – to help you have the wedding day you want and to beautifully capture every meaningful moment for you.

You’ll think of me as a trusted friend that rolls with the punches and goes with the flow. Someone who will do everything in my power to absorb the stress of any obstacles that may come our way.

So you can just enjoy each moment knowing I’ll be there to beautifully capture each and every one.


- Melissa & Ghislain 

When our wedding day finally arrived, Alyssa felt more like a friend than our photographer. She made sure we got all the photos we wanted and more!

Alyssa went above and beyond in so many ways.


She really takes the time to listen and understand her clients and I appreciated that so much.

Working with Alyssa is like working with one of your best friends.


They’re real and they’re raw and they have the power to plop you right back in the middle of each moment. What more could a bride and groom ask for? We’re your biggest fans, Alyssa.

Alyssa’s photos are pure magic.

the reviews

You want the traditional wedding photos and plenty of photos of your guests and family enjoying the celebration. And because I shoot in both digital and film, you’ll get all those timeless details and blink-of-an-eye moments in the best light possible.

Wedding Day Coverage

Engagement Sessions

In the midst of wedding planning stress, engagement sessions are a welcome break. Who wouldn't enjoy getting dressed up, going to a fabulous spot, and having some fun together?

It's basically a "wedding planning-free zone" where you’ll also get some relaxed, beautiful photos of the two of you in love. Plus, we'll get some quality time to get to know each other. Come wedding day, we'll totally feel like friends!

Custom Heirloom Albums

Rather than scrolling through a screen full of images or sharing your day through random Instagram posts, preserve your memories in a custom-designed, heirloom album.


see the


Fun facts

Alyssa Joy Valletta


I’m from Nashville, TN, my husband Jay is from Moncton, NB, and we met in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

My favorite moment from a wedding: when you walk back up the aisle with the biggest just-married smiles, tears in your eyes, and all of your guests are cheering around you!

When editing your photos, I’m most likely listening to podcasts, audio books, and my dog Honey telling me it’s time to go do something fun!


Halifax, Nova Scotia

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