3 Reasons to Have a Second Photographer at Your Wedding

In over 10 years of photographing weddings, I have shot many weddings solo. I am confident I can document a wedding day beautifully by myself, and I really enjoy it!

I even think there are some weddings where only one photographer is needed or ideal — elopements and smaller weddings for example, as well as many destination weddings.

With that said, having a second photographer shooting a wedding day with me is so valuable and can really help your day go very smoothly, and will have some amazing benefits for you.

Here are three reasons to have a second photographer at your wedding!




1. A Different Perspective

A primary reason to have a second photographer present at your wedding is to get photos from a different perspective/angle than the main photographer — that’s me!

During the wedding ceremony, for example, the second-shooter can stay in the back and photograph you as you walk down the aisle and some wide shots of the ceremony, while I can be down front, taking photos of your partner’s face when you appear, the emotions of your parents and the wedding party, etc.




This different perspective is not only helpful in the literal, physical sense, but also in the creative sense. Having a second photographer there who is experienced in shooting weddings and a talented photographer, will offer an additional creative perspective to your wedding day.

Often, I am truly blown away by the photos my second-shooter has taken. I love being able to include images with multiple angles and perspectives for you, to tell the story of your wedding day well.




2. More Photos of Meaningful Moments

A second photographer offers the opportunity for more photos of those meaningful, natural, candid moments you want captured.

While I certainly do my best to anticipate the special moments that will happen throughout a wedding day, it’s just impossible for me to witness each and every one. It can be so helpful to have an extra set of eyes to document these blink-of-an-eye moments.




Things like family portraits and detail shots are easy to set up or redo throughout the day if needed, but all those sweet moments filled with joy, gratitude, and love — those can’t (and shouldn’t) be recreated or staged.

Having another photographer there to click the shutter at just the right second can make all the difference in the final photos you’ll receive.




3. Two Places at Once

Having a second photographer present allows the opportunity for us to document two things at once, which makes the most of the hours of coverage in your photography package.

It’s basically the best of both worlds: take some beautiful “just married” couple portraits at sunset and know that your cocktail hour is being beautifully captured, too. Get some fun shots of the bridesmaids sipping mimosas and finishing their hair and makeup, and get some photos of all the groomsmen hanging out, too! Win-win.






This is an especially helpful point to keep in mind for weddings with larger guest lists and/or a more “traditional” wedding day (traditional in sense of the size and flow of the event).

If there’s a cocktail hour, the second-shooter can photograph guests as they mingle, while I can focus on completing your family photos or take your couple portraits during that time frame. And during speeches, one photographer can focus on the speakers and the couple, the other can focus on the guests’ faces.

All of this ensures that nothing will be missed — we’ll have everything covered, and then some!






In the end, the most important thing is that we, as your photographer team, offer you the best images we can create for you — capturing the spirit of your day in a natural way.

If you’re wondering if a second photographer is the right fit for your wedding, I’d love to talk with you and answer any questions you have!






3 Reasons to Have a Second Photographer at Your Wedding

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