3 Reasons You Need a Wedding Album

If you’re getting ready to tie the knot, you may wonder if a wedding album is something you need. After all, there are so many expenses involved with the wedding planning process. An heirloom-quality photo album can seem like an unnecessary spend on top of everything else!


Wedding album examples


Imagine a scenario with me for a moment.

You’re having a few friends over for dinner, including a couple you met recently. They’re getting married soon, so your conversation is all about weddings. They ask how long you’ve been married, and you begin talking about your wedding day, sharing memories and funny stories. Naturally, they ask, “Can we see some wedding photos?”

You grab your phone and start awkwardly scrolling through your camera roll, looking for the latest pictures you saved from the Cloud when you needed them for your yearly anniversary post. They’re hard to find among random screenshots and photos of your dog. Or, maybe you show them the handful of framed prints scattered throughout your house—also a little awkward since it involves wandering around and avoiding the bedroom where you stashed all the clutter before they came over.

Imagine if, instead of this scenario, you could simply walk over to your coffee table and hand them a beautifully designed, archival-quality album that tells the story of your wedding day. Not only will they ooh and ahh over the photos, but they’ll also admire the album itself!

After they leave, you and your spouse will cuddle up on the couch to look over it. It reminds you how much you love each other and your friends and family who celebrated with you. Your favorite photos of yourselves and your loved ones are all stored in one safe place.



Why You Need a Wedding Album

As a wedding photographer who loves to offer heirloom albums to my clients, I’m clearly biased! However, I genuinely believe that a wedding album is something every married couple should have. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in this method of preserving your memories from your favorite day.

Curated Presentation

We’ve all sat through a relative’s homemade slideshow of all 1500 photos from so-and-so’s wedding day (even the ones where the bride’s eyes are closed and the groom is swatting at a fly). While you and your spouse will have all your wedding photos to enjoy for the rest of your lives, you’ll want to give your friends and family the Reader’s Digest version of the day—ideally in a format that showcases the images beautifully!

As your wedding photographer, I’ll curate the photos that go into your wedding album so you don’t have to. I love the design process! Then, I’ll email you the design proof so you can make any changes before the album goes to print. You’ll always have the final say on which images go into the final design and which get tucked back into the archives.


Wedding album examples


Archival Quality

I’ll be the first to admit it: wedding albums aren’t cheap. But there’s a reason for that! The quality of the custom heirlooms I present to my couples is nothing like Shutterfly or other consumer-level photo books. My albums are worlds beyond those and priced accordingly. They’re handmade, archival-quality, with photographic printing on thick, lay-flat pages.

In addition to having the final say on which photos go into their wedding albums, my couples can customize the covers to exactly what they like. I present them with luxe linen and leather swatches so they can choose the color of their books. In addition, they can customize the design further with an engraved leather monogram or foil-stamped initials if they choose.



Timeless Preservation

Investing in a wedding album is simply the best way to preserve and enjoy the memories of your special day. Technology changes rapidly, but an album is something tangible that can withstand fleeting trends. Don’t let your precious wedding photos remain in a digital format forever, where they’re at the mercy of the Cloud! Instead, get them into your hands today with a thoughtfully designed, made-to-last wedding album.


Why couples need a wedding album


If you and your partner are planning a wedding in Halifax, I would love to discuss my engagement and wedding photography services with you. In addition to wedding day coverage and my support during the planning process, I offer these premium heirloom albums so my clients can enjoy their memories in a tangible way forever.

Get in touch with me today to learn more!

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3 Reasons You Need a Wedding Album


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