Outsourcing for Photographers


If you’re anything like me, you love the shooting/creative process (who doesn’t?). But all photographers know that’s only 20% of this business. The other 80% is what overwhelms a lot of us on most days.

I totally get it! I’ve been in this business over 6 years, and have learned over and over (the hard way) that I just can’t do it all. Outsourcing has helped me immensely in my busier seasons. It gave me some sanity and margin in the really hectic times, allowing me to focus on my clients and have a little bit of a life, while someone else took great care of my work.

I am now in a place where I am able to do this very thing for fellow photographers. I’m offering services like photo editing, client album design, blog post design, submitting photos to blogs/magazines, and more!

Alyssa is a lifesaver. I had overbooked myself in my busy season and knew I could count on Alyssa to help me get caught up. As a mom, I have even less time to edit than I used to, and I had to admit I needed help. Alyssa is kind, willing to help and receptive to feedback. She processed a whole wedding for me, countless portrait shoots and even some album designs. It was a huge weight off of my shoulders knowing I wasn’t in this alone and had support. She helped me get caught up and saved me from a lot of stress. So thankful for her!
— Rachel Moore Photography

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